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Quadrants, Landing Gear Selector Switch, Push-Pull Controls, Aircraft Cable Assemblies, Engine Controls, Flight Control Cables, Airstair Door Cables, Trim Cables, Release Controls

Who we are:

The Aviation Division of Beechhurst Ind. is a designer & manufacturer of electro-mechanical control systems and related hardware for aviation and other mission critical applications. The Company has operated continuously in New York City for over fifty years and is classified as a small business. FSCM: 1K050
Our products are: Federal Stock Classes: 4010 & 1680
1) Quadrants as used for engine control
2) Electro-mechanical Landing Gear selector switch
3) Electro-mechanical interconnect systems as options for the above.
4) Mechanical control interconnects and lockouts.
5) Push-pull controls: .10 to .25 diameter.
6) Control cables, aircraft (NAS 302-330) and other mechanical cable assemblies to 3/16 diameter.
7) Custom terminations for cable assemblies.

The company was started immediately after WWII to support the fast growing local aviation community. The primary product was aircraft control cables. Most of the company's work was in support of local maintenance for airlines such as Pan Am. Over the years, the company became a vendor to many of the airframe manufacturers including Douglas, Boeing, Republic and North American. Spares programs were very important for us and we helped support aircraft such as B-25, AT-6, Catalina, Constellation, Lodestar, F-86, PV-2, T-28, B-52.

We are currently an approved source for several of the major aerospace contractors and also many of the smaller subcontractors. Some of our current Military programs are: (C)F/A-18, Navy Ejection systems, Vertical Launch System. We also make an adjuster cable that is used in the High Altitude suit, and are aboard every high altitude mission: U-2, SR-71, Space Shuttle.

In the late 1980's, we broadened our product line to become better involved in control systems. Much of the development work was customer driven, that is, we were asked to design something that was not otherwise available. Most of this work was application specific, with limited commercial value outside a narrow use. In the 1990's, we focused on bringing to market some products which were more generic, that is, with a broader use, but also unique in that these products were significantly different from what was currently available.

We maintain a very extensive inventory of hardware and special fittings to provide a fast response to requests for product. We provide fast turn-around for engineering prototypes. We handle AOG requests almost every day.

We have one QA and inspection system, for all our products, conforming to the requirements of MIL-I-45208. All products are shipped with a certificate of conformance: to all applicable related documents as required: MIL-C-5688, MIL-S-5002, MIL-T-781, MIL-T-6117C, MIL-W-83420D, BAC 5002 (Boeing), P.S. 14002 (McDonnell), STP 52-600H (Lockheed). The QA Manual is available for review to responsible parties on a need to know basis.

FACILITIES: 3,800 sqr. feet. Six rotary and non-rotary swaging machines. Five hydraulic presses. Basic machine shop. Proof testing equipment. Specialized machinery for proprietary products. CADD engineering.

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Privacy Policy:
Your communications with us are completely confidential. We do not maintain E-Mail mailing lists. We do not use Outlook Express. If we feel the need to make an announcement, we will post it to the appropriate newsgroup, or use the Postal System. Your E-Mail address is safe with us, and will not be disclosed to others.

Important Notice: Copyright Information & Ownership of material on this Web-Site

Beechhurst Industries owns the images and text found on our web site. We consider all material found on this website to be our intellectual property. We retain all rights and titles to our artwork and downloaded copies of our artwork CANNOT be used for commercial purposes.

Beechhurst Industries can provide your organization with final engineering drawings.
Since engineering time is usually the most expensive of a Company's time, the small cost of having a final drawing done by Beechhurst will be far less than trying to do it in house. In addition, using us to supply the drawings of prototypes we have built is clearly the surest way to obtain an accurate drawing of the product.
When your organization purchases a drawing, we transfer all rights and titles to that particular artwork to you, that is, you now own it. Please note that Beechhurst Industries owns and retains all rights and titles to all our other artwork, including artwork found on our web site. While you may download images from our web site, they are still our property and CANNOT be used for commercial purposes.

The drawings will be supplied in hardcopy (8 1/2 x 11) and E-Mailed as a DXF and PDF file.

Individual drawings (one part number) are $ 350.
A group drawing (covering one part number with several dash number variants) is $ 1,000.
Lead time is generally about one month.