Cable Assemblies

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Here's how to measure a cable assy.

Most cable assemblies are simple: this end, this end, this long. Sometimes there is a third fitting which is used as a drive - examples: rudder to aileron interconnect and electric trim. If you want us to make a cable for you, use the chart above to specify it - that way there will be less confusion about what is required.

Additional instructions for measuring cables

Safety issues concerning East Europe cables - Yak 50 - cable failure

Suspension snubber for a racing car

Above is a typical simple cable assembly. This is actually used as a suspension snubber on a racing car. The swaged fittings have been modified to make them shorter to maximize the flexable wire rope section. The wire rope is 3/16. The length is only 9.5 inches, CL to end of stud.

Rodend type termination for W.R.

We also can manufacture low volume custom fittings. We have hundreds of drawings in our computer. The above fittings are spherical bearing terminations for 3/32 wire rope. They are used for airstair door support cables. What can we make for you?

Assorted Cable Assemblies

The above is a photo of a sample board in our reception area. They are, from the left: a cable w/handrail cover - this is frequently seen on an airstair door (the support cables). The cable is covered w/ a 1/2 inch diameter Silicone Rubber. The color is slate grey. Next is a retractor cable. One use is for fast disconnects - for example, on an ejection seat. As the seat comes up the rails, the spring formed cables seen here come up taut and then pull the various disconnects on these systems. Next are two small pull cables - one is used to pop open a CO2 bottle in a life raft. The next is a segment of cable w/ balls swaged in line every 1 inch. These provide linkage adjustment - such as for aileron to rudder interconnect. There is one of these cables is in the high altitude suit - it is used to hold the helmet down when the suit inflates. Next is a T handle pull for 1/16 to 1/8 wire rope. The next cable has an in-line screw connector. The last cable is a basic cable assembly w/ a fork on each end.

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