Introducing a Powerful and Affordable Electronic Design Suite!

Snapshot of drawing tool.

Beechhurst is very pleased to release our newest product (2 1/2 years in the making!) Finally!

First of all, what is a Live DVD? A live DVD is a bootable optical disk which contains an operating system on it. While running, the computer runs from this disk, not your hard drive. Highly compressed files are unpacked and temporarily written to the free space on your hard drive. All these temporary files are erased when you shut down. Your computer remains untouched.

We have assembled a comprehensive collection of open source solutions and included them on a live DVD Operating System so that you can put this disk in your computer, restart it, and within one hour start getting actual work done. The output is the Gerber files that your PCB vendor needs to make the PCBs that you need.
The software is really very powerful and also provides an autorouter that makes a difficult task easy to get done.
We have also included a tutorial that will take you through the process step by step. This tutorial cuts the learning curve from days to hours. It is written in the simple narrative English that we all understand.
Limitations: Blind and buried vias are not supported.The PCB package is limited to eight layers. There is no limit on board size.

A Video Tutorial has been uploaded to YouTube
We created an introductory video tutorial and uploaded the clips to YouTube. The video is about 35 minutes long and we broke it into 4 clips. It presents an introduction to our complete tutorial, which is on the DVD. You can find them here:
Clip A Clip B Clip C Clip D

We wrote an article about our Tutorial and it can be found here:
Link to Paul Rako's Blog

Why buy from us?

Convenience Safety Tested to Work

Convenience, safety, tested to work properly and all security updates are current. How many days would you like to spend rounding up all the software packages that are necessary? There are hundreds of them, and they are not all in one place. We have scanned the ISO files with KlamAV for your security. And how much time would you like to waste trying to get this Suite working with your present Operating System? We have put everything on one DVD that is bootable and live. This means that the computer is actually being run from your optical drive. Temporary files are unpacked as needed and placed on your hard drive in the empty space. All these files are removed when you do an orderly shutdown.

And, this is not a striped out, bare bones edition. This is a full blown Linux Operating System which includes network connectivity, Open Office Suite, Gimp - image manipulation program, Firefox browser, optical burner and many others (there are about 1500 software packages on this DVD).
The best part is the price: not thousands of dollars, just hundreds. $300.00 with free shipping!

But I have to access my other Windows programs and I don't want to re-boot!

Please Note: We have special pricing for students and academics.
Please E-Mail us for instructions.

System Requirements: Memory 575 Mb min. Processor: @ 600 Mhz - just OK. Hard Drive space for an install: 6 Gb min.

If purchasing more than two, please contact us for discount pricing. Thanks

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Copyright Notice:

The Tutorial for the Electronic Design Suite Disk is the copyright protected product of Beechhurst Industries, Inc. and MAY NOT be reproduced and/or copied in any form. While the individual GPL software packages may be copied and/or modified individually, the unique contents of this disk is the copyright protected property of Beechhurst Industries, Inc and MAY NOT be reproduced and/or copied in any form. We have worked long and hard to put this package together. Please don't steal from us by making illegal copies of the DVD. Each ISO image is a new one made for each customer in that we compile it with a unique ID and serial number. It is in the code.

Your DVD will come with this cover letter:

This is a bootable DVD. Place it in your optical drive and restart your computer. The computer will boot and will first offer this option menu: "Try" and "Install"
Please,at this time, select "Try". You will then see hard drive activity - the OS is unpacking highly compressed files and putting some of this information in the empty space on your hard drive. You can run the "Install" program later when you have a better understanding of the software suite and how it works. Then, at the desktop, click on "Places", click on "Home" and then open the Electronic_Design_Suite folder. It will open and you will see several files and folders. We suggest that you first look at the !!STOP!!ReadME!! file. We have some warnings that we want to repeat. Then, you should open the tutorial.

We have also included additional files and folders associated with the open source packages so that you will not have to go looking for additional reference materials. There is also a folder of screen shots, mostly the drop down menus.


Support is via email. Please send to
Support is limited to issues with respect to this particular DVD and our tutorial. Support for the open source software is found on the Internet The open source software is the gEDA suite package. All the packages were updated with the latest releases and patches as of 05/01/2012. For security reasons, it is a good idea to check for updates from time to time. This requires Internet connectivity. Go to System, Administration, and select the Synaptic Package Manager. At the top left, select "Settings" then "Repositories" Check the box for "Community Maintained". Then, at the top, far left, press "Reload" Then press "Mark all Upgrades". If additions are found, press the "Apply" button. At a later date, the Update Manager (which runs in the background and checks for updates) may ask you to upgrade the OS to a later version. At this time, we suggest "no".

So now I have my Gerber files, but now what! There are so many PCB vendors!

You are absolutely correct. And, we have experienced some really inferior boards. However, we are very happy to recommend this source: Link to a Very High Quality PCB Vendor . We have used this vendor, and have always been very pleased with the super quality of their product, and the price is very fair. You won't be disappointed.

We really do want to here from you!

If you have any questions, comments, or complaints, we would appreciate a call at (800) 431 1384.

Have a lot of fun!