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Beechhurst Inc. Specialty Automotive Division

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is proud to present the "Advanced Electronic Turn Signal System"

We refer to this system as Advanced because of the unique features. This system is completely electronic and self cancels. The command center has momentary rocker switch to select left or right. There is also a push button for the 4 way flasher, and a momentary button for cancel. The command center has yellow LED's built in as signal indicators. This system is manufactured right here in New York City, using the best components we could find, not the cheapest.

Command Center  

The above photo shows one style of command center. This unit is 5.2 inches wide, 1.4 inches high and 2 inches deep. We also have a command center more suitable for center console mounting. That unit is 2.4 inches wide and 3.56 high. Other, custom configurations are available. Also, if you prefer the column mount lever type, it is likely that your present mechanical turn signal can be converted to our electronic system. Please inquire. Please note that the command centers are built as ordered, to your own requirements.

Pricing: $150.00 for the complete basic (self canceling after ~ 2 minutes) system.
Please note that we are in the process of bringing in qualified supplies and ramping up production. Presently, supplies are very limited! Please be patient!
If you are in NYS, as you know, we MUST collect the sales tax. Please add correct amount.

Operation: You select L or R with the rocker switch. The signal will run for up to about 2 minutes, then shut down. You can restart if necessary. You can also manually cancel by pressing the black reset button.

Details of Command Panel

Advanced Turn Signal System Features:
The system consists of two units connected via a wiring harness. The command center is the activation switches. The command center gets electrical feed from the control module. The control module is 2.7 inches x 2.8 x 1 inch thick. This module has two terminal strips, one for connection to the command module and one for making the connections to your vehicle. These are:
+12 VDC (a constant, fused source)
LH output
RH output
Output for a sounding device

The signals turn on when you select L or R with the rocker switch. The switch automatically returns to center. The black button below the rocker switch cancels the signal. The red button above the rocker is the 4 way flasher. The signals are on a timer which will automatically turn them off after two minutes.
The output is sourced by the +12 VDC (constant) input. The current capacity is up to 30 Amps!
This system does not use a flasher! The flashing rate is completely independent of the load! You can use either LED's or incandescent lamps for the turn signals.
Output for Sounding Device:
We provide you with a simple, single connection as a +12 VDC output which can be used to turn on a sounding device, such as a piezo alert. That way, if you want a sound cue, it will come on in phase with the turn signals.

The control Module
All units have been tested and run to insure your complete satisfaction.

Wiring diagram for the control module

Utilizing the original Column mounted turn signal lever.

Single Bulb,Dual Filament Installations

The  cost of shipping,  via USPS Priority Mail, including insurance and delivery confirmation  is  $10.50 

Your comments and suggestions are well appreciated. We would like to hear from you.

You can send an E-Mail and then send a check. We need a valid postal system address as we will be using the USPS Priority Mail. Don't forget the sales tax if you are in NYS!
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Return Policy:
You can return any of our products for any reason. We only insist that the product is not damaged.
We will issue a refund, less the shipping charge.
We want customers to be happy with their purchase, and encourage questions to be resolved before a purchase is made. If you have any doubts about the suitability of one of our products for your application, please call. (800) 431-1384.

Successful installation of this control module depends on your ability to properly install the module and wire it up. The +12 VDC constant  power  source MUST be a fused source. We cannot be held responsible for the installation or any damage done during the installation. Your satisfaction with this product is guaranteed by us. If you are not pleased, you can return it (undamaged) for a refund of the purchase price (less shipping charges)
Thanks. We know you will find this product very useful.

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