Retractable Landing Gear Simulator Switch
Locking Toggle, Self-Contained

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Simulator Box

Simulator Box

Retract Landing Gear Simulator.

If your new trainee pilot will be moving on to aircraft with retractable gear, you can get them into the gear up, gear down habit right away this the self contained simulator.

The box is 4 inches by 2.25 by 2.25 inches. It has three Red/Green LEDs and four control switches. The Locking Toggle just below the LEDs is the gear up - gear down lever. On the top: On-Off switch, day-night toggle (adjusts the brightness level of the LEDs) and a momentary push button to suppress the red signal when the box is first turned on (its use is optional).

Mounting: 3M Self Stick Interlocking Fasteners (included) allows easy placement and removal.

Here's how it works: upon entering the aircraft, power up the box. The red signals will appear immediately and time out after 15 seconds. The green (safe) signals will then appear and stay on. After takeoff, the locking toggle is moved to the Gear Up position. The green (safe) LEDs will immediately go out, and the red signals will appear. They will time out after 15 seconds, and the green signals will appear. To extend battery life, they time out after 1 3/4 minutes, and no LEDs are now lit.

Before the landing, the toggle is moved to the Gear Down position. The red signals immediately come on for 15 seconds, then the green safe signals are lit - and stay on.

We can now offer light timing to be type specific! For example, we can program the box to have a cycle timing of: 17 seconds up, and 5 seconds down.There will be no additional charge, however, lead time will be about two weeks and we must receive payment in advance.

The box is completely self contained and runs on two 9V batteries (included - battery life is expected to be ~90 hours). It requires no connection the the aircraft itself, and can be moved to other aircraft by using 3M fasteners.

Here are pictures of our latest upgrade: we have reduced the depth of the box by over 60% to 1.5 inches. The first photo shows the standard box. The next two photos show the simulator with two options: painted matte black, and, wheel knob on the up-down lever.
Simulator Box Simulator Box Simulator Box

Price: $ 225.00 USD. Special Limited Time Offer: Free Shipping! Painted Black: $ 15.00; Wheel Knob: $ 15.00

All units are tested upon completion to assure there are no DOAs. Batteries are easy to replace. The internal computer is encapsulated to protect it and insure reliability. Two year warranty - excluding batteries.

A note on battery replacement: We have discovered that batteries OTHER the Duracell brand are somewhat larger, stacked, than the Duracell brand. This makes opening the case pretty difficult, but still possible - with tools. We strongly suggest that you stick to the Duracell brand for a better fit.

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