Landing Gear Selector Switch
with End Position Lock-in

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Basic L.G. Selector Switch w/ no options

Schematic Drawing, L.G. Switch

This Landing Gear Position Switch is designed to fill the needs of the aviation community that lies between Air Transport category aircraft and  non-conforming  toggle switches.

There is an internal Mil Grade snap action switch which has four separate circuits. (DPDT). The internal connections are brought out via a harness for easy connections.

The action locks position at the ends of the lever travel. To move the lever, the  wheel shaped knob must be lifted about 1/4 inch.
The locking action is very positive with distinct motion and sound  cues.
Schematic of typical internal wiring
Above is a schematic of typical internal wiring. Variations are available.
Typical wiring diagram
Above is a suggested wiring diagram. As you can see, some of the external wiring can be replaced with wiring internal to the selector switch.

The switch is designed to be mounted by two different approaches:
the panel can slotted to provide clearance for the lever travel. This eliminates the need for cutting a large hole in the IP.  90 degree angle strips will be attached to the sides of the switch box, and the  switch then bolted to the backside of the IP

If mounting is preferred on top of the IP,  we can provide a bezel (or faceplate), screwed to the top of the switch box. The switch is the secured with bolts through the bezel. The IP must be cut (as per above) to allow the switch  to enter.

Indicator lamps: Up to four LED indicators (Red/Green or single color) can be installed.
Bezel Graphics:  custom graphics can be designed for specific applications.
Plug or socket termination of wire harness. POA
Power Pac type unit with connection for push-pull control. POA

Basic switch with 3 R/G LED's and angle strips for mounting: $ 755.00
Fourth LED (3 greens and one red) $ 130.00
Bezel (faceplate) for front side mounting:POA
Voltage Control Module (used for bi-level lighting levels): $ 175.00

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