Limitations and Warnings.

There are two limitations/warnings. The first concerns an orderly shutdown of the DVR box.
When the ignition is turned off, the box "knows" this and starts the shutdown sequence, which can take up to five minutes - or longer - if you have requested a delayed shutdown (like for delivery vehicles).
The important point is that the box MUST have a constant power source to do this proper shutdown.
This means that you should NEVER remove the power source until the DVR box is OFF! You can hear the fan running while the box is shutting down. When the fan stops, the box is off.
This usually is only an issue when there is vehicle maintenance - you should NOT remove the vehicle's battery until the DVR box is OFF.
If the power is removed before the shutdown sequence is complete, there is probably going to be software/data corruption - which is not good. It is fixable, but a real pain.

The second issue concerns box access and the internet.
With a crossover network cable, you can access the DVR box with any other laptop/computer. The box is acting as a server.
The software which runs the recorder is finalized when we assemble the box, but, there will be NO security updates after that. This means that the DVR box must NEVER be connected to the internet in any way. You should access the recorder box ONLY with a single, UNCONNECTED, computer. DO NOT access the box with a computer that is also connected to any other network! The recorder box is UNSECURE, and could be easily compromised if connected to the internet; or any other network.
Corporate security and network security are REALLY big issues. When connected to the internet, a computer is usually under attack within 15 seconds! Whenever you connect a computer to the internet, you MUST assume that someone is going to try to break into that computer and steal something.
Even Google has been hacked!
Never underestimate the danger of the threat. Once again, NEVER connect the DVR box to any network.

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