Push-Pull Controls

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The part number indicates the configuration, size, and length:
BI CPCS-CXXX(HT)-XXXX See Codes Below: 1 2 3 4
1) CPCS: control, push-pull, clip type sheath terminations, swivel ends. CPSDS: control, push-pull, stud type sheath terminations, swivel ends. Other configurations are available as required.
2) Sheath, 300 series CRES, .100 to .250 dia. as indicated.
3) HT suffix designates High Temp version, HC for high compression.
4) Length of sheath, termination to termination. Last digit is in tenths of an inch.
The C200 series sheath comes in two configurations: Regular (no suffix): Nylon 11 liner, lubricated with a wide temp. grease per MIL-G-81322. Maximum service temp. is 160 F, 240 F intermittent. May not be suitable for installations in engine bay. HT suffix: Spring temper, CRES liner, lubricated with dry micro-size "MOLYKOTE". Maximum service temp. of MDS is 700 F.
Minimum bend radius: (C200) 2 inches (4 inches for HC version).
Minimum Yield Strength (C200): 500 lbs, tension. Maximum input load (compression): 60 lbs (100 lbs. for HC).
All configurations of controls exceed the performance requirements of MIL-C-62191, Control Assembly, Push-Pull.
Materials: 300 series CRES, liners per above. All materials are 100% traceable.
Swivels: True ball and socket type, + 15 (ref) angular displacement.
Core studs: 10-32 and/or 1/4-28 UNF, class 2A fit. Other terminations on request.
Control life: 10,000 cycles minimum, as demonstrated by test articles.
Inspection: All controls are proof loaded sheath and core. All controls are inspected and reports are kept on file for three years.

Control Service & Maintenance Information

Standard Control Types
Control Ends

Push-Pull Controls:
We specialize in limited production, special application controls. It is not at all unusual for us to make one of something.The typical program is for about 30 sets per year, in four different types. Most of our work has been aviation related.
Controls are available in a very wide verity of sheath and termination combinations. Our cables have been used for applications ranging from simple seat lock release to engine control. We have some panel mount types available: 1/4 turn to lock, simple pull, adjustable friction lock, also a panel mount fine pitch vernier - available in 20, 28, and 32 TPI. It does not have a release button.
Sheath diameters range from .1 to .25. Cores available are solid spring temper, semi-rigid strand, or flexible wire rope.
Available core terminations are almost limitless; whatever you need, we will make it for you. The same is true for the sheath terminations. We have drawings for about 500 different type and sizes, ranging from simple threaded stud to hydraulic coupling type.

Pricing: a one-of special using standard parts is going to be about $400. A special with non-standard fittings will be about $875.

Even if you need one special, call us. We don't turn away small jobs. We can provide controls with almost zero lost motion.

Pull Cable

True Vernier
Above is a photo of our vernier, panel mount. This particular unit has
a 3/8 diameter tube, and the panel mount stud is 1/2 inch diameter.
The pitch is 32 TPI.

Threaded end

Here is a nice control termination: a 5/16-24 bulkhead fitting, an .082
core, and a 3/16 ball end. This control is all CRES, except for the knob,
which is anodized Alum.

A very small control
Clip Type Termination
Saddle type termination
Seat Release w/ .6o pull
The above is a seat release. The handle (lever) pulls up, and the core is pulled .60 inch. The mounting hole is 5/8. The disk you see under the lever is a phenolic skid plate which allows the lever to slide smoothly as it is lifted.
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