Quadrant Fitment Information
Dimensional Data


When considering the space required to mount  a quadrant, don't forget the controls. Think of the installation as three separate boxes. One box will be the space needed  to mount the push-pull controls, another box will define the quadrant body, and the third is the space that will be swept by the levers themselves. Don't forget that they swing forward & aft, and that the knobs effectively move up and down.




We can reduce the size of the envelope by modifying the levers. By making them shorter, and allowing the knobs to be much closer, we can reduce the size of the lever box considerably.
However, the box for the controls and the box to contain the body of the quadrant cannot be reduced.


Here is another variation on the theme - the power lever can be offset as shown above, to move it away from the LH fuselage skin.
There is an additional charge of $ 70.00 for us to do this. Please note that this modification is not available for the turbo prop single quadrant, and is also incompatible with the PTT Switch option.

Quad. for Turboprop Applications
Side Mounting, Reduced space needs.

The above is a solution to special requirement applications. Certain custom built aircraft designs need a side mounting quadrant, and the space available is very limited. This is especially difficult with turboprop quadrants, as the power lever must have a positive lockout for Reverse.
The above shows Power and Prop. functions. As the Condition (Fuel Control) has only two positions, On and Off,
this function can be moved to a simple pull type cable control (panel or bracket mount). Push in to run, and Pull for stop. We have a variety of these available.

The above drawing shows the space required for the miniaturized quadrant set.
These sets are strictly special order.