Quadrants for Recip. Engines

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4 views of our basic modular quadrant

The quadrant above is our basic three lever unit for single recips. Part # is: QD-3L-DB. Mounting is horizontal (a vertical mount unit is now available). The action is direct: pushing the throttle lever forward pushes the stud of the push-pull control in at this end, and the stud at the engine end moves out. The output is three inches. The body of the unit has six standoff stacks which provide mounting options. Normal mounting is by two #10 bolts (~3.25 long) on 4.5 inch centers. The levers are bushed w/ bronze bearings at both the clevis pin hole and the pivot point. The stack is on a central shaft which has compressible spacer bearings. This allows for adjustment of the friction (resistance to lever movement). The basic unit is mechanic adjustable: a 3/8 nut driver is used to turn the elastic stop nut on the RH side (not visible in these views).

Here is the price of our basic unit

Basic Model w/ Dimensions

Click on this button to purchase the basic modular 3 lever quadrant with no options

Available Options:
Provision for Pilot adjustable friction: a knurled knob.This option is $50
T-handle and/or handwheel are not recommended. It is very easy to adjust the friction for serviceable levels. A larger wheel gives too much mechanical advantage and make it is too easy to lock the unit.

Switch for Horn: a N/O microswitch can be mounted in the bay w/ the throttle lever and provides Landing Gear warning. Closing is at ~10% power. Add $50

Gate or Cover: a slotted gate can be provided.
Flat in Satin Black w/ Decals and mount strips: Size: 4.25 x 8.2; Cost: $80.00

Adjustable Stops: There are two types available: an internal adjustable eccentric ($20.00 each) and a lever mounted adjustable set screw ($50.00 each).

For Reversing Props: a feather stop detent (plunger pin and stop block): $75.00 per lever

Long Power Knob: some pilots like that P-51 look. This can make your cockpit attractive and distinctive.
This knob is a $45 option.

A PTT switch for the Long Power Knob. This option is ONLY available with the Long Power Knob option. $ 135 (and $45 for Long Knob)

MS35812-1 Clevis: $ 22.00 each

Extended levers for reverse action (controls connect below the quadrant) $150 ($50 per lever)

All units are built as ordered. The basic design can be modified as required to further customize and better suit your requirements. Please E-Mail us your needs. A modified unit with cranked levers for vertical mounting is available. It is suitable for panel mounting.

Single and two lever models can also be built

Basic unit with options shown

The above photo shows our basic three lever quadrant with two of the available options: the long Power Knob and the gate with decals.
The gate is secured to your console top w/ four #8 machine screws - you can see them clearly in the picture on the left - they have button heads.
In the picture on the right, you can see two #10 nuts on the quadrant side plate. These are mounting bolts. There are many different ways the quadrant can be secured in the airframe - you can bolt it directly to a flat surface.
Every installation is unique. We encourage you to call and discuss your particular installation - we want your setup to be right the first time!
For your convince: here is our unlisted 800 #: 800 431 1384.

PTT switch mounted in optional long knobHere's a photo of two options:
Push to Talk Switch mounted mounted in the Long Power Knob.
The photo also shows the wire guide, which is bonded to the back edge of the throttle lever.

Quadrant for FADEC
Quadrant For a Piston Twin
Quadrant Fitment Information
45 Degree Angle Mount
Detailed Mounting Instructions

Basic unit w/ 90 degree levers - use for verticle mount

Per your requests, here is the setup for vertical mounting - i.e. - a panel mount quadrant.
The levers are cranked 90 degrees, so that the up-down movement of the levers is translated into a forward-backward movement of the push-pull controls.
If you look carefully, you can see the sintered bronze bearing that is pressed into the lever for the clevis output. All our quadrants are built with a complete bearing set - at the output connection and the pivot location. Materials are sintered bronze, MDS filled Nylon and Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene. These quadrants are built to last!

Specialized Products

Mini Set w/ Control MountThe quadrant set shown here was developed for for applications that have very limited space available. We believe this is the smallest, lightest quadrant set set available for connecting to a to a normal push-pull control with stud ends. The set (of three) is only 1.6 inches wide! These are, in fact, individual units, .531 inches wide, and can be stacked, as shown. The sample set, seen here, consists of Throttle, Prop Gov., and Mixture. The Push-Pull Controls are mounted directly in front of the quadrant set. An optional, special control mount is available to position the controls on .531 centers. These units are built as requested. Lead time is about four months

The control dust tubes enter into the mini-set - this is the smallest installation possible
This is a closer view of the quadrant set. The mixture is nearest to you. The push-pull controls enter the quadrant(s) and screw directly into an internal clevis (10-32 thread). These quadrants are direct acting - when the lever is pushed forward, the stud on the push-pull control (at this end) is pushed inward, and the stud at the engine end is pushed outward (or forward). The quadrants are mounted with two 3/16 bolts

Note! Correct positioning of the controls is critical!This is another view, as seen from aft. The sample set seen here would be either mounted in a center console, or, on the left side of the cockpit. The individual units are only 6 ounces each! They are constructed with internal bushings - there is no metal to metal movement. The friction locking function is built in - the anti-back drive is approximately 2 pounds moving and 5 pounds static. The optional control mount is shown. It is strongly recommended that this mount be used for the controls because it is very important that the push-pull controls be correctly mounted directly in front of the quadrant(s).

Spacing: controls on .531 centersThis is a close-up, viewed from the aft, left side. The levers are actually a cantilever construction and are quite rigid. The knobs have shaped inserts to differentiate the functions. The mixture insert has distinct points.
Cost: The individual units are $225.00 each. They are available with either right-hand or left-hand offsets (as viewed from aft looking forward). The push-pull control mounts are available as either two position or three position, on .531 centers. The mounting type (to fit the push-pull control sheath termination) is either threaded for 7/16-20 or the clip & groove type. Please see our page showing the push-pull controls.
The cost of mounts are:
Threaded 7/16-20 2 Place: $40.00 ; 3 Place: $ 45.00
Groove & clip type: 2 Place: $ 50.00 ; 3 Place: $ 55.00

Typical installation layout.

Different control & quadrant setups.

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