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Quadrants, Turbo Prop

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Aft close up

The quadrant seen above is used in a large Turbo-Prop Twin. The required engine control functions are: Power (w/ Reverse), Propeller (w/ Feather), and Condition (Fuel Control). The reverse position on the Power levers are locked out for safety reasons, and require the pilot to lift the triggers seen to go into the reverse position.

The Prop & Fuel controls have a locking feature built into the gate. They are both spring loaded to remain in the normal running position and must be pulled to the left to move into the the jog of the gate. They are then pulled down, for feather and stop. Below the levers are the knobs which are used to adjust the friction brakes of the levers. Each pair of levers have a brake function which allows the pilot to adjust the resistance to lever movement.

LH close up
Aft, LH

The above photo shows the decal on the gate, indicating the positions of the levers. Also seen on the left side is the trim control system. A handwheel goes on the exposed shaft and turns an internal drum to pull the proper cables.

Aft, RH

A look at the different views shows the distinct pattern of the knobs: Power is smooth and round. Prop has smooth curved depressions and the fuel control knobs have distinct points. The quadrant mechanicals are mounted inside the original pedestal casting. The push-pull controls are also mounted inside this casting and there is a large bearing plate toward the far end which acts as the mount for the six controls.

Schmatic Dwg. w/ dims

The above schematic shows the mechanical layout and reference dimensions. The part # is: QD-3L2X-TRL6X . This model uses a customer supplied casting with a built in trim adjust system.
The output stroke of this unit is three inches. Features include three separate, pilot adjustable friction level setting knobs, a bearing plate for mounting the six push-pull controls and gate with decals, as seen above.
Single unit pricing is ~ $14,500.

Quadrant, TurboProp Single

Quadrant for Turboprop Singles:
The fuel lever is retained in the run position with a ball and spring detent.
The propeller lever is stopped at the decrease position (before feather) with a plunger and spring detent.
The power lever is positively locked out of the reverse position with a lift gate mechanism. The triggers beneath the power knob must be lifted to move the lever back into reverse position. The gate mechanism automatically locks out reverse again, when the lever is moved forward to the idle position.
Pricing: Quadrant only, with no additional options: $ 2,470.00

Gate with multi-colored decals: $ 170. Size: 4.25 x 8.2
Provision for Pilot adjustable friction: a knurled knob.This option is $50.
T-handle and/or handwheel are not recommended. It is very easy to adjust the friction for serviceable levels. A larger wheel gives too much mechanical advantage and make it is too easy to lock the unit.

Switch for Horn: a N/O microswitch can be mounted in the bay w/ the throttle lever and provides Landing Gear warning. Closing is at ~10% power. Add $50

Adjustable Stops: There are two types available: an internal adjustable eccentric ($20.00 each) and a lever mounted adjustable set screw ($50.00 each).

Long Power Knob: some pilots like that P-51 look. This can make your cockpit attractive and distinctive.
This knob is a $45 option.

A PTT switch for the Long Power Knob. This option is ONLY available with the Long Power Knob option. $ 135 (and $45 for the Long Knob)

MS35812-1 Clevis: $ 22.00 each

Extended levers for reverse action (controls connect below the quadrant) $300 ($100 per lever)

All turboprop units are designed/modified per specific application, and built as ordered. The basic design can be changed as required to further customize and better suit your requirements. Please E-Mail us your needs.

push to talk button Here's a photo of two options: Push to Talk
Switch mounted in the Long Power Knob.
The photo shows the wire guide, which is bonded to the back of the power lever.

Quadrant Fitment Information


Turbo Quad w/ 2 levers

The above is a solution to certain special requirement applications:
Certain custom built aircraft designs need a side mounting quadrant, and the space is very limited.
This is especially difficult when installing a turboprop, as the power lever must have a positive lockout for reverse.
The above quadrant has Power and Prop. functions only.  Since the Condition (fuel) has only two positions, Run and Stop,
this function can be  assigned to a simple pull control cable. We have a variety of these available.
The price of this quadrant is $ 1,180.00
Sorry, because of very limited demand, a two position gate has not been put into production. The position decals come
with the quadrant.

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