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1946 Ford P.U. Flathead V-8

Beechhurst Inc. Specialty Automotive Division

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is proud to present the "Chassis Shower"

Do  you have a motor vehicle that is a "keeper"?  Does it ever have  to  see winter service?  You already know that road salt is your vehicle's  greatest enemy.

Now you can finally do something at home about that road salt. Beechhurst  Inc.  is proud to offer the American made "Chassis  Shower"  (TM
pending). This wand assembly is manufactured in NYC of the finest available parts. The low flow,  mist spray nozzle is brass, with a 120 degree full cone  pattern, and only uses 2 quarts a minute @ 20 PSI.   The female swivel coupling is also fine machined brass.  The tube itself  is super quality aircraft grade aluminum,  and is quite rigid,  making the wand very easy to use. And it only weights 10 ounces!

Sprayer Wand, the nozzle is NOT included!

The above photos show a spray nozzle, which is NOT included with the wand.
The bend in the tube has a sleeve to resist abrasion,  so you can just  rest the wand on ground and push it back and forth to completely rinse the under-side of your vehicle. We suggest you connect this to your garden hose with a Poly Pistol Grip  Water Nozzle w/ threaded front.  Your True Value Hardware store sells them for $ 2.99.

Price: $ 24.99 If you are in NYS, as you know, we MUST collect the sales tax. Please add correct amount.

Silicone Rubber bumper surrounding the mist spray nozzle: $ 1.00


Model to Choose:
Regular:  9.8 inch up end for high ground clearance vehicles such  as  Model T's, A's, pickup trucks and SUV's.
Shorter: 7 inch up end for modern regular passenger vehicles. You should  measure the ground clearance of your vehicle if not  sure.  The wand  should  comfortably pass under the lowest sides and ends of  your  vehicle.

Fleet Operators:
Please  contact us for wands specially designed for fleet truck  operations. We can custom size to your exact requirements, and different nozzle arrangements are available.

This  is an oversized item and shipping is problematic.  If we were to  pack this  wand  in a rigid box,  the OverSize 1 rate with UPS would  be  for  30 pounds and would cost more that the wand itself! We have determined that the postal system is the only viable way to ship the wand for a reasonable expense. The  cost of shipping,  including insurance and delivery confirmation  is  $8.75 per wand.

Your comments and suggestions are well appreciated. We would like to hear from you.

This wand is designed to be connected to a garden hose with normal household pressure. It is NOT designed to be connected to a high pressure washer. This is not only potentially dangerous,  but also defeats the purpose of the  low pressure,  low flow mist nozzle. High pressure could drive contaminants into crevasses and spaces in the undercarriage. DO NOT connect to a high pressure washer. Also, you must realize that the process of washing the underside of your vehicle  is  going to wet your brakes. Wet brakes mean no brakes!  Wet  brakes will not stop your vehicle! We presume that the kind of person who has a vehicle  that is a "keeper"  is also sophisticated enough to know how to  deal with wet brakes. We don't want to insult you, but the lawyers say we have to tell you. Don't immediately drive your vehicle after washing down the underside unless you now how to deal with wet brakes!  And,  of course,  do  not spray water into an electrical outlet. Severe electrical shock could result. Thanks. We know you will find this product very useful.

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