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Beechhurst Inc. Specialty Automotive Division

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is proud to present the "Advanced Starter Protection Module"

WOW! A complete multi-mode starter protection module!
This module is manufactured right here in New York City, using the best components we could find, not the cheapest.

The Starter Motor Protection Module


The module was developed to protect a starter motor in the event that a device (such as a thermostat) is commanding the start of a generator set, but the motor does not fire up right away. This will prevent a dumb device from running the starter motor to destruction.
Please refer to the wiring diagram. This module is designed to work with a remote start generator set.
When you push the starter button (or, the remote unit commands a "start", the module activates an internal timer which will limit the starter motor to 20 seconds of continuous running.
Then, a second timer blocks the starter from running for a 30 second "time out" cool down.
Also, once the motor is running and producing an output, the module blocks starter activation.
This protects the starter/flywheel gears.

Pricing: The module is $95.50, postpaid.

If you are in NYS, as you know, we MUST collect the sales tax. Please add correct amount.

Wiring Diagram for Starter Protection module

Some notes on sensing that the engine is running:
If using this module with a generator set, you must connect a doorbell transformer to the output of the generator. These come in various forms, but it is important that the output of this transformer is not more than 16 VAC. Connecting a higher voltage source to the input terminals will destroy the module!
The AC output is connected to the two terminals labeled input,running. This lets the module know that the engine is running, and that the starter motor should be locked out.
If this is not a generator set, the output may be sensed at the alternator. The proper connection to an alternator to detect (running) output is beyond the scope of this document. However, in the simplest terms, the wire from the ignition switch to the regulator of the alternator is probably the one you will want. There are quite a few variations on the wiring of alternators, with and without external voltage regulators. What you will want to look for is a connection that has very low (one to two volts) voltage with the ignition on, and rising to +12 VDC once the engine is running and the alternator is spinning. The DC voltage can be brought to either input,running terminal.

All units have been tested and run to insure your complete satisfaction.

Your comments and suggestions are well appreciated. We would like to hear from you.

You can send an E-Mail and then send a check. We need a valid postal system address as we will be using the USPS Priority Mail. Don't forget the sales tax if you are in NYS!

Return Policy:
You can return any of our products for any reason. We only insist that the product is not damaged.
We will issue a refund, less the shipping charge.
We want customers to be happy with their purchase, and encourage questions to be resolved before a purchase is made. If you have any doubts about the suitability of one of our products for your application, please call. (800) 431-1384.

Successful installation of this control module depends on your ability to properly install the module and connect the wires. We cannot be held responsible for the installation or any damage done during the installation. Your satisfaction with this product is guaranteed by us. If you are not pleased, you can return it (undamaged) for a refund of the purchase price (less shipping charges)
Thanks. We know you will find this product very useful.

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