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First of all, what is a Live DVD? A live DVD is a bootable optical disk which contains an operating system on it. While running, the computer runs from this disk, not your hard drive. Highly compressed files are unpacked and temporarily written to the free space on your hard drive. All these temporary files are erased when you shut down. Your computer remains untouched.
We have assembled a comprehensive collection of open source solutions and packaged them with a live DVD Operating System so that you can put this disk in your computer, restart it, and within one hour start getting actual work done.
The software is really very comprehensive and powerful and is a worthy alternative to other commercial offerings.
On the disk is a brief tutorial. We have also included a folder which contains 265 individual camera frames which recorded an automobile accident. With this tutorial and the provided material, within one hour you will create a 45 second video with opening and closing titles and, an audio track. We show you how to do this, step by step. Also, if you search the Internet, you will find many other tutorials on the main program - Cinelerra. The tutorials all have something different to say. The implication is that Cinelerra is a very powerful tool that many people use in different ways. And, it is really great for animation! It is easy to convert stills into a movie! We used this suite a few years ago to create two videos to post on YouTube. The input files were individual stills. We purchased some music from the web and laid down some soundtrack and commentary. (You can see some results on YouTube by searching for driveoldford.)
We also provide additional resources and materials to help you use some of the many features on this DVD. We have minimized the amount of Internet searching you would otherwise be doing to learn the basics of video processing.

Why buy from us?

Convenience, Safety, Tested to Work

Convenience, safety, and tested to work. This project represents 100's of man-hours of effort to bring everything together in one, workable package. How many days would you like to spend rounding up all the software packages that are necessary? There are hundreds of them, and they are not all in one place. We have scanned the ISO files with KlamAV for your security. And how much time would you like to waste trying to get this Suite working with your present Operating System? We have put everything on one DVD that is bootable and live. This means that the computer is actually being run from your optical drive. Temporary files are unpacked as needed and placed on your hard drive in the empty space. All these files are removed when you do an orderly shutdown.
And, this is not a striped out, bare bones edition. This is a full blown Linux Operating System which includes network connectivity, Office Suite, Gimp - image manipulation program, Firefox browser, optical burner and many others (there are about 2000 software packages on this DVD). Here is a partial list of included programs: Cinelerra, openshot, kino, openmovie editor, kdenlive, pitivi, avidemux, devede, ffmpeg, qtinfo, quicktime-utils, dvdauthor, mencoder, oggtools, stopmotion, dvgrab, subtitle editor, koverartist, xine, gthumb, img2list, mkframelist, gnome subtitles, and many others!

The best part is the price: not $1,000, just $ 100.00!!

Please Note: We have special pricing for students and academics.
Please E-Mail us for instructions.

System Requirements: You are probably aware that video processing requires some very heavy duty hardware! You need tons of memory (1 Gb at the very minimum), disk space, and the latest, fastest processor (Clock: 1687 Mhz minimum). Hard Drive space for an install: 20 Gb min. The good news: we just purchased a new 320 Gb SATA hard drive for only $45!


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Copyright Notice:

While the individual GPL software packages may be copied and/or modified individually, the unique contents of this disk is the copyright protected property of Beechhurst Industries, Inc and MAY NOT be reproduced and/or copied in any form. We have worked long and hard to put this package together. Please don't steal from us by making illegal copies of the DVD. Each ISO image is a new one made for each customer in that we compile it with a unique ID and serial number. It is in the code.

Your DVD will come with this cover letter:

This is a bootable DVD. Your DVD has been burned just for you. It has been personalized with your name, Hometown, and serial number. Place it in your optical drive and restart your computer. The computer will boot and will offer a option menu: Boot from the DVD, Failsafe Boot ( may be needed w/ an older computer) or Boot from the hard drive and memory test. The default is to boot the DVD.
At this first start up, please do not make any selections. The highlighted default option will boot in ~15 seconds. You will see hard drive activity - the OS is unpacking highly compressed files and putting some of this information in the empty space on your hard drive. To boot from a live DVD may require a hard reset and it takes about 2 minutes. If the screen just goes blank after the kernel has loaded and there is no disk activity the screen resolution is wrong. Just reboot, and press F3 when the menu comes up: select a lower screen resolution and continue the boot by pressing enter.
After about 2 minutes, you will see a very simple desktop. At the very top of the screen, click on Tux's Home folder. A folder browser will open. Double click on the Cinelerra_DVD folder. It will open and you will see several files and folders. We suggest that you first look at the !!STOP!!ReadME!! file. We have some warnings that we want to repeat. Then, you should open the tutorial.
We have also included some of the materials associated with the open source packages so that you will not have to go looking for additional reference materials. There you will also find our tutorial, our copyright notice, some basic OS instructions, and this letter.


Support is via email. Please send to admin21 (see contact information graphic) Contact Information is _here_  
Support is limited to issues with respect to this particular DVD. Support for the open source software is found on the Internet This DVD is built around the Cinelerra package, and includes many other video and audio processing packages. The OS is SuSe 11.4. All the packages were updated with the latest releases and patches as of 07/08/2011. For security reasons, it is a good idea to check for updates from time to time. This requires Internet connectivity. Instructions are in the OS letter.
Have a lot of fun!

Possible issues with older computers:

Our experience has shown that some of the older hardware can cause the boot to hang. The work around is to pass certain parameters to the kernel. Common ones that work are: acpi=off pnpbios=off nodma. Different OS handle how parameters are passed. SuSe 11.4 uses a failsafe boot option.

We really do want to here from you!

If you have any questions, comments, or complaints, we would appreciate a call at (800) 431 1384.

Have a lot of fun!

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