Our High Altitude Earrings!

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These were part of the space program! We make a cable that is used in the High Altitude Suit. This suit has been used for the U-2 Spy Plane; the SR-71 Blackbird; the Space Shuttle - and others. You can see these cables on the High Altitude Suits that are on display at the new Air and Space Museum in DC. These earrings are made from the adjustable ends - we cut them from cables that were not used. The ear wires are hypoallergenic niobium. The cable is 3/32,7x7,CRES wire rope and the .25 diameter balls are swaged on. The 4 ball earring is 3 inches long, and we also offer a shorter (2 inch) 3 ball version.

Price: $135.00 postpaid

Here's how to find them in these pictures: The cable is meant to hold down the helmet when the suit inflates. The cable is on the chest of the suit and runs through a small pulley fixed to the end of a pull tape (the adjustment). The ends (with the balls on them) are up, behind the helmet, on either side. You can clearly see them in the suits exhibited the the new Air and Space Museum in DC. Thanks for stopping by!
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