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Beechhurst is pleased to announce that we have completed the software suites: an Electronic Design Suite; a Video Processing/Editing Suite and a Data Management/Office Productivity Suite. The packages are offered on Live, Bootable DVDs and include support files and step by step tutorials. Here is the link:The Software Division

After years of procrastination, we have finally turned one of our products into jewelry! We did a show and tell at a local school, and brought along the ends of the cable that we make for the High Altitude Suit. The teacher exclaimed that they were beautiful, and that we should make them into earrings! So, we finally did it! We call them our High Altitude Earrings.
Here is the link:High Altitude Earrings

For your convenience, here is a list of IP Addresses of web crawlers. The logging software that we use (BDLogger) has the ability to exclude these crawlers from the page hit counts. Here is the link:IP Addy List