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Beechhurst Inc. Specialty Automotive Division

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is proud to present "Security Camera(s) and DVR Systems"

A very economic and simple security camera system for vehicles.

Our Objectives for this Product:
1: The most rugged possible system
2: The most simple to operate - ignition on - record.
3: The most reliable possible software for control
This system is manufactured right here in New York City, using the best components we could find, not the cheapest.
We kept this as simple as possible to make it easy for you to get this in with the least amount of time! And, it is really affordable!

Security Camera & DVR Features:
A) Responds to "ignition on" with a command to start recording.
B) Extremely efficient, very low current draw (~ 5 1/2 to 6 amps running) ZERO after shutdown.
C) No operator intervention is required.
D) The simplest setup consists of one B/W mini-cam and a DVR that erases old files as new ones replace them.
E) Automatically shuts down when the ignition is turned off. The shutdown delay is normally 5 minutes, other times are available.
F) Very easy to retro fit to existing vehicles.
Our systems can accommodate up to four cameras, and, file storage for up to 80 hours of constant recording.
Pricing: Our most basic B/W system is $ 2,750. This is includes one B/W mini-cam and a DVR that holds up to 80 hours of video.

This is the camera,front.
Here is the B/W Mini Cam in our test mule, a 1946 Pickup Truck.

The camera as seen from inside.
Here is the camera as seen from the inside. We mounted it right on top of our advanced turn signal system.
Here are some snaps from the camera.
Approaching a traffic light.
Approaching a traffic light.
Turning onto a side street.
Turning onto a side street.
Approaching traffic.
Approaching traffic.
Darting boy
Look very carefully down the block. Look at the double parked car,
Can you see the darting child?
At an intersection.
At an intersection.

Here are some actual video files.

All units have been tested and run to insure your complete satisfaction.

Limitations and Warnings

The DVR box:

3/4 view - hookup end.

3/4 view w/ dimensions

Hookup details - 5 wires & video cable!

wiring diagram

Detailed Instructions,Installation,Operation,Limitations

Operator's Manual

Some comments on cameras:

We have evaluated several so called mini cameras. All gave just about the same results. Looking at the videos, you can clearly see who has just run a Stop sign, or run a red light. However, the detail is not great. We have been unable to clearly record the license plate of a SUV right in front of us, and you certainly cannot see the drivers who are talking their cell phones. If you need more detail, you are going to have to use a larger camera.
We have many options available. Please call to discuss your needs.


Presently, we discourage hard mounting. Although the internal hard drive is suspension mounted to reduce shock, we think the best mounting is just a closed cell foam pad (which we supply) and then just hold it down with bungee cord straps.

Your comments and suggestions are well appreciated. We would like to hear from you. We also have many options available for these units. For example: we can program the DVR to continuously run even after ignition shut down in the event of a crash. The box then requires supervisor shutdown.

Evaluation Units:

For qualified Companies, we have evaluation units available. You can use them for 30 days without charge.

Return Policy:
You can return any of our products for any reason. We only insist that the product is not damaged.
We will issue a refund, less the shipping charge.
We want customers to be happy with their purchase, and encourage questions to be resolved before a purchase is made. If you have any doubts about the suitability of one of our products for your application, please call. (800) 431-1384.

Successful installation of this control module depends on your ability to properly install the camera & DVR box and connect the wires. We cannot be held responsible for the installation or any damage done during the installation. Your satisfaction with this product is guaranteed by us. If you are not pleased, you can return it (undamaged) for a refund of the purchase price (less shipping charges)
Thanks. We know you will find this product very useful.

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